National Eczema Society is committed to achieving greater equality, diversity and inclusion, to better reflect the diverse communities we serve who are affected by eczema.

  • We want everyone who comes into contact with the charity, whether as employees, volunteers, members, supporters, service users or in other capacities, to be treated with dignity and respect
  • We promote equal opportunities in employment, training and service delivery, free of discrimination
  • We have a safe, supportive and welcoming workplace environment for staff, volunteers and visitors, and proactively assess how we can enhance diversity and inclusivity in all our activities
  • We include and represent skin of colour throughout the work of the Society, including in information, educational and advice resources
  • We proactively raise awareness of skin of colour representation among stakeholders and with partners
  • Through our policies and actions, the National Eczema Society is focused on being an inclusive and diverse organisation charity. Our objective is to integrate the principles of equality and diversity into all aspects of the charity’s day-to-day work and strategic planning.