In one letter we received recently, the Executor said “I am pleased to be able to tell you that the deceased has left you a legacy in appreciation of your work which has benefited his grandchildren.” Leaving the Society a legacy in your Will is a thoughtful way of supporting our work.

Leaving a legacy to the National Eczema Society in your Will is straightforward although we do strongly recommend that you take professional advice about the drafting of your Will. Because the Society is a Charity, no Inheritance Tax will be payable on the legacy. Our registered charity number is 1009671.

There are different types of legacy but the more popular ones are:

Residuary legacy – This is usually a percentage of what is left over after all cash gifts have been made and debts, expenses and any inheritance tax have been paid. This type of legacy rises in value with inflation and is the best possible gift you can make the Society.

Pecuniary legacy – This is a gift of a specific amount of money.

Specific legacy – This is a gift of an asset. It could, for example, be a house, a piece of land, an item of jewellery or a painting.

The importance of having a Will

A Will is essential to ensure your wishes are honoured. Telling those close to you is not enough. If you are married or living with someone and die without a Will, your partner will not automatically inherit everything. Only with a properly drawn Will can you be certain that your intentions will be carried out. It is not expensive to have a Will prepared and thus to have this peace of mind.

Contact the National Eczema Society

The charity is available by phone or email to discuss legacies. Contact the Society on 020 7281 3553 or email

The Goodwill Partnership

If you would like to create your Will in the comfort of your own home, you could contact The Goodwill Partnership. They can arrange a home visit with a professionally trained Will counsellor who will take instructions from you and pass the case onto a solicitor who will supply the Will with the backing of the Law Society. A basic single Will costs £98.00 (plus VAT) and a Will can be updated whenever required for £12.50 (plus VAT).

To contact the Goodwill Partnership telephone 0844 669 6148 or visit the Goodwill Partnership website.